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PARTIES!! posted by on March 20, 2014

We have been very busy on the party front this year, having had three already! Stay tuned for more to come, the next being at the beginning of April (5th) at the venue ‘Basement’, formerly Kleine Reise:

More details to follow soon!!!

Skrufix Podcast 005 – Mixed by Shanghai Burton posted by on March 28, 2013

We’ve brought you a Crane, MightHor, an Alfa male and Things with Wings. Now it is the turn of Shanghai Burton to step up on Podcast duties, so here we are with the 5th in our series of mixes, including the now obligatory voice overs and shout outs. Another mammoth journey of a mix, traveling with one of our Skrufix party residents from mid 120 bpms to 140 plus. Hold on to your hats through beats of present, past and future (Garage), as well as a track from the up and coming April release on the label. Look out for that on all stores from April 29th and keep an eye out for details of a launch party with SB and friends on the 27th, at a secret location in Berlin!

Skrufix Podcast 005 – Mixed by Shanghai Burton by Skrufix on Mixcloud

‘Turtlez’ EXCLUSIVE Traktor Remix Set for Beatport posted by on February 13, 2013

This week sees our 2nd release from Turtlez get a special rework specially for Traktor DJs – for use in the new Traktor Remix Decks. That means you can play individual loop parts (beats, basslines, vox) as well as one-shot parts in your DJ sets. Native Instruments have kindly featured the release on their Remix Set page:

It’s being sold exclusively through Beatport – who have also given us some big love on their store, including a front page banner! The Remix Deck set is available on Beatport via this link:

Podcast 004 – Mixed by MightyHor posted by on January 18, 2013

Our first bit of Skrufix action for the New Year sees the one they call ‘MightyHor’ deliver a mix for the latest in our series of Podcasts. Join the gallant warrior on his journey through beats of past and present, including his forthcoming debut solo offering which is due to drop soon on Skrufix! Following his fine remix of our first release, we couldn’t resist asking him for something a bit special and original to unleash upon the world, and he has not disappointed us. Check out the premiere of ‘Walk in Stomp’ yourself, as well as a quality selection of other gems… The man can mix as well as he produces – this Hor is every bit as talented as he is Mighty!

Podcast 004 – Mixed by MightyHor by Skrufix on Mixcloud

Slow Tape Train Blues – Metske
Walk In Stomp – MightyHor
Sally Webster – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
Tric Trac (Original Mix) – Worthy & Eats Everything
Calypso – Round Table Knights
I Make Lists – Ikonika
Plaza – Girl Unit
Reminder – Bok Bok
Sooperlooper – Addison Groove
Deaf Siren – Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka
Shake That (Feat. ESP) – Altered Natives
Steal Drums (Original Mix) – The Martin Brothers
Come On Humans! (Sam Tiba Remix) – Mickey Moonlight
Club Rez – Girl Unit
The Goose The Got Away – Objekt
F Technology – Dark Sky
Mess Mode – Metske
Girl Clap – L-Vis 1990
Point Of Return – Lazer Sword
Turbosteppa (Original Mix) – Claude VonStroke, Kry Wolf
Headquarters – Bobby Byrd

Skrulection 5 posted by on October 19, 2012

After a summer of high times and even higher times, it has been a struggle to find a moment for the music and therefore the label! But tonight we will kick things off again with a party in Berlin at our favourite little secret venue in Kreuzberg, go here for more details:

We thought it is therefore appropriate to catch up on the music of the moment with the next ‘Skrulection’! Note the ‘weekly’ part has gone, which is apt as we are not really sure where those weeks have gone either!! It does mean you are in for a treat of a massive playlist though, 21 tracks of pure filth!! Well maybe filth is a bit strong, but it certainly got you interested!

In amongst it you’ll find the usual varied dancefloor ammunition, including a track from Daphni aka Caribou’s debut album as his alias. We picked out the ‘Yes, I know’ track from this gorgeous album, which is very reminiscent of Robert Hood’s ‘Floorplan’ project due to the soulful vocal looped amongst some sweeping synths and kicks. There is also more Unknown to the Unknown 2-step, House hybrid tuneage with Capracara‘s ‘Ronin’ and the hugely hyped Israeli duo Juju & Jordash’s release on Dekmantel is a master class of dubby tripped out Techno, with the track ‘Powwow’ making it on our list.

If that wasn’t enough, we see the launch of the mouthwatering Icee Hot label, with their debut coming from Ghosts on Tape! The label is exactly what it says on the tin and what else would you expect when the editor of xlr8r and Low Limit (one half of Lazer Sword) hook up to create a label! This along with some UK garage classics, Techno/House crossovers, Night Slugs, the unstoppable Global Goon, some Nu Disco and to keep it Worldly, a bit of Jimi Tenor Afrobeat, Jazz, Synth fusion with the Berlin based Kabu Kabu ensemble on the Dutch Kindred Spirits label. Oh and we even fitted in an Emufucka, now that is filth!!

So much more could be said, but this post would need to then become a novel and there is just not enough time in the day for that! We do have a party to attend after all! Enjoy!!

Weekly Skrulection 4 posted by on August 29, 2012

In the words of Henry Kelly of Going for Gold fame ‘You’re playing catch up.’ Yes, we are indeed Henry, so here is the latest golden Skrulection for your listening pleasure!

We have a deep haunting selection for you this week, comprising of the recent releases that we dig and no better place to start than the perfectly titled Haunted Garage. Coming from fledgling artist Buzzin10, the track is a 2-step gem, with strings, bleeps and vocals that sound like they shouldn’t go together but do so well! Next up for something equally dark and somewhat off the hook, coming from the alias of the brilliant Caribou (Dan Snaith), as Daphni! First time to digital, his Ye Ye track builds and builds and breaks down and then pokes you with that grueling but beautiful bass! Oh ye!

Sticking with the deep low-end sounds and it is Bobby Champs delivering his track ‘Latte’. Certainly wouldn’t describe this as a milky coffee, more of a strong, minimal dark Columbian blend! The album is named Drag Queen and this release certainly has balls! With intricate stabs and bass that just can’t be ignored, this one will get you dancing and asking for more!

Chilling things out a bit next, with a release on the always special, Aus Music. This warm and fuzzy, but very danceable release from Bicep is a subtly rising beauty, perfect for breaking up a set as the sun is rising! Speaking of rising and it is the emerging talent of Bwana next, with his pleasing polyrhythms and signature future garage high-pitched vocal on the track ‘Baby Let Me Finish’. Definite tinges of Ollie Macfarlane or Joy Orbison type production here, with something a bit extra chucked in the mix, so one to watch out for indeed!

In the forever congested world of Electronic music, then unless you are muted by Deadmaus or tweeted by Richie, then it is very hard to get noticed amongst the beats hitting the fan week in week out. That means that some great labels are just not getting the attention they deserve and one of those is the great Barcelona based Tracy Recordings! Flying the flag for Bass Music and UK Funky styles down in Catalunya and doing it very well! They are not sticking to one style either, release by release or even in the releases themselves, which we like to see! Following the unbelievable Macaw EP from Headbirds earlier in the year (see a taster of this below), here is more 2-step stylee, broken house grooves, coming from We Like Turtles (great name!) and the track ‘We Believe in the Groove’. As do we and who doesn’t like Turtles!!

Another label we like to shout about is UTTU Recs, as they also deliver the goods time and time again and without having any predetermined style! Included on our list this week is one hell of a track, coming from label regular 5kinAndBone5, teaming up with none other than the masterful Sinden. The track marches along with simple punchy stabs and grimey rhythms and rattles, boxed in with playful 80s nintendo samples to contrast the haunting underlying darkness!

Next up in keeping with our worldly outlook and it is some African dancefloor flavours. Tinged with Afrobeat and UK Funky stylings, this release from Floor Excitement does exactly as their name suggests! In a similar way so does the track that follows. Gilles Peterson has been doing some sterling work in bringing to light some fine Cuban music of late and then following this up by combining it with the danceable beats we have over this side of the water. On his recent release he has got some of the beat masters to rework the Cuban tracks he has picked up and so we have picked out a favourite from the many, coming from the legendary MJ Cole! Nice!

Huge release next and one that we couldn’t miss out for a mention! Production wizard or should I say genius, Four Tet, finally brings all his sought after 12″ releases to the digital world on the album Pink! It sees a more dancier outlook to the tracks, but in keeping with his intricate electronica style. Hard to pick a favourite from the release but we have gone for the amalgamations of styles on the track Pyramid, fusing Techno, IDM, with cut up vocals more common to 2-step or House, all in all sublime work as always.

Weekly Skrulection 3 posted by on August 16, 2012

Following in the footsteps of beats that have come before, here is the next magnificent weekly selection from Skrufix!! Skrulection 3 starts with one hell of a release. Underground Resistance are nothing short of Techno Gods and here we see the first release on their label in a number of years (previously only available on 12) and from one of their own, Mark Flash. As ever, the man has done well! In true UR style, this is an epically crafted and melodically mastered Techno Funk trip, that delivers a large dose of heartfelt energy that is only alien to most of the formulated nonsense we hear today! Words just can’t describe it, so we’ll leave it there. Looking forward to more to come from the UR crowd!

Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen label, release more off-centre House/Bass Music, this time from the big talent of Mickey Pearce. Can’t get enough of this release, it is like a carnival going off in my brain, waiting for the drop and when it hits it fits! Great great label, always delivering the goods.

Speaking of good labels and one that may so far have been unnoticed, the Canadian King Deluxe label. Following a string of fine releases, including the brilliant warm R&B delight from Evy Jane, here is another debut release, this time from Dutch producer Julien Mier. A nicely release it is too, with a stuttery, cut-up IDM, nu-beat sound and at times beautiful vocal parts, drawing upon clear influences of jazz styles and organic sounds.

Cuba meets Dubstep with the next track, coming from Mala on Giles Petereson’s Brownswood Recordings, or at least that is what it looks like on the tin! GP and Mala travelled to Cuba to record and collaborate with local musicians, resulting in more of a Erik Truffazz jazz skit than anything of Dubstep styles. All good though and there is a definite sub-bass haunting throughout, nicely moulded with the polyrhythms of the Cuban beats, quality stuff for sure!

A fine debut on the great Luckyme label, coming from Austrian producer Cid Rim and what an introduction this album is! Harmonically beautifully, crunchy rhythms and broken goodness!

From the new to the old, well in terms of production anyway and it is the now well-established production talent of Julio Bashmore! Not one, but two tracks on the list! The first a dreamy remix of ZZT’s ZZafrika’s on this mammoth Turbo Recordings compilation and then another remix, this time a cleverly sliced up rework of Bobby Womack’s ‘Love is Gonna Lift You Up’.

Not always one for Boys Noize nowadays, but this thumping remix by MMM of their XTC track can’t be missed and then some deep dark Electro vibes from Doshy on the sublime Amsterdam based Lowriders label!!

In fitting with a desire to keep things a bit different and show we are not just ones for the typical four to the floor, next is a track from Indian composer Ilaiyaraaja. The title track was used in the Olympic Ceremony, the name of 2nd track will amuse the more childish among us, but the third is the one for us. Manically energetic and uplifting track, taken from his Solla Solla album!

Bringing it down a notch for the final track and a lovely release from one to watch, producer Sei A. Great remix from Axel Boman to finish it off nicely, but it is the deep pensive title track that got in the Skrulection and a nice finish to another impressive week of releases!!

Weekly Skrulection 2 posted by on August 7, 2012

Hey, you, what’s that sound!? This is the sound of our 2nd weekly Skrufix spotify selection, Skrulection 2, that is what that sound is and it is sick as!

Yosa starts things off, with a return to releasing duties on the always impressive Berlin label, Dirt Crew Recordings. A quality outing it is too, with the signature Deep House grooves coupled with an intriguing rhythmical bit of vocal. Loving this track!

Crazylegs has a record label! No, not the infamous flexible B-Boy and Rock steady Crew Member, but the now well established Bristol club night. What a way to kick things of as well (excuse the pun), with a hugely hyped release from the emerging Techno talent of Ziro!

From new talent to old and one who just won’t let up! Funk grooves one week, glitchy IDM the next and now what he does best, epic smooth funky electro, it is DMX Krew! Forever the master of all styles, for what seems to be a mission to clock up the most releases in a year, his quality never falters and this release on the new London label Wavey Tones is an absolute beaut!!

Electro here, electro there, Electro is a word that sometimes gets banged around all over the place, relating to anything that has a 4/4 beat, makes you dance and produced via electronic means. This is not the case with this release from Dynamik Bass System on the marvelous Munich label! Robotmachine Records is pure Electro monster at it’s best and we love it!! Enough said…….

Following a fine debut release for the Berlin Vae Victis label, coming from the now prolific Blawan, they keep the good grooves rolling with this debut from Italian Techno duo Die Roh!

Nice coming together of two production heavyweights Hudson Mowhawke and Lunice, with their release as TNGHT on Warp. Ossie, the man who brought us the unforgettable and sublime Tarantula release last year, follows up with something a bit deeper and Housie for the 2020 Visions label, before we hear the haunting, jazzy dubstep sounds of Jack Sparrow on the Deep Medi label, for what is a very beautiful track after a few listens.

The legendary Legowelt remixes the talents of Chicago’s Chrissy Murderbot, taking the jackin original to something more groove and electro focused! Then the Keysound label deliver more compelling 2-step, dubstep from founders Dusk & Blackdown, with a special guest appearance on the title track as well!

Some wonky, twisty, dirty garage vibes from Bristol and fledgling producer Riffs is our penultimate choice of the week, before the sublime and depressingly young Rustie plays us out with another revamp of a track from what was one of the albums of the year last year, Glass Swords. Wasn’t so sure about the Surph release with Nightwave, but this slightly less tranced out and subtle version of After Light, featuring Aluna George, is a definite winner!

Weekly Skrulection 1 posted by on July 24, 2012

Skrufix the label has now launched, with our first release from the talented ‘Things With Wings’, coming out last month:
… we thought it is about time we started being more active and give you a reason to ‘Like’ us even more! Keep your eyes peeled on here for lots of shout outs and playlists and news and whatever, not just about the label but also about the music that makes us tick!!

Why are they suddenly being active this week we hear you cry? Well, last week was one of those weeks that you want to shout about the music being released! July used to be a barren month when it came to quality music, as everyone is off at festivals or on an island somewhere chewing their brains out. Not nowadays, just like the weather, the music world refuses to admit it is summer and so the music keeps flowing! So here is a summary our releases of last week, accompanied by a playlist for your listening pleasure:

A soulful funky House number from Andy Vaz kicks things off, with a nice release on the Delsin label. Ikonika returns to releasing with a fine varied electronic masterpiece on the Hum & Buzz label, Unknown to the Unknown continue to be the Unmissable to the Unbelievable, with two high caliber releases, including a Old Skool House flavoured release from Da Autopsy and then one from Photonz, following the Portugese duo’s impressive remix of label Boss DJ Haus’s Needin U track earlier in the year!

The always busy ED Dmx bangs out a big booming glitchy Techno/Electronica masterpiece on the Power Vacuum label, under the alias EDMX and on a similar tip is a release on the underrated Tudor Beats label, coming from the producer Chordata.

Young Scottish up and coming producer Koreless follows up his impressive debut from last year (4D, MTI) and a number of remixes for Jacques Greene, with a beautiful track on Greene’s VASE label and then the boss himself mucks in with a quality rework!

New tracks from the likes of Cooly G on her debut longplayer, more greatness from the ever impressive Altered Natives, Lol Boys, Slugabed and Two Inch Punch and a great Renaissance Man remix of Azari & III’s Into the Night are also worthy of a mention. Then on a totally different vibe there is a lovely bit of Afro_funk from Nigeria, coming from Uto Nwa, just couldn’t leave this out.

But the ultimate releases of the week, has to be this find from Nottingham based label, Wigflex Records. It is so good we included two tracks on the Spotify playlist below. A veritable electronic treat from the artist Metske, with 4 varied and compelling tracks, spanning from electronica to techno, to beats more at home in Hip-Hop. Whatever, it is an absolute beauty of a release!!