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Skrulection 5 posted by on October 19, 2012

After a summer of high times and even higher times, it has been a struggle to find a moment for the music and therefore the label! But tonight we will kick things off again with a party in Berlin at our favourite little secret venue in Kreuzberg, go here for more details:

We thought it is therefore appropriate to catch up on the music of the moment with the next ‘Skrulection’! Note the ‘weekly’ part has gone, which is apt as we are not really sure where those weeks have gone either!! It does mean you are in for a treat of a massive playlist though, 21 tracks of pure filth!! Well maybe filth is a bit strong, but it certainly got you interested!

In amongst it you’ll find the usual varied dancefloor ammunition, including a track from Daphni aka Caribou’s debut album as his alias. We picked out the ‘Yes, I know’ track from this gorgeous album, which is very reminiscent of Robert Hood’s ‘Floorplan’ project due to the soulful vocal looped amongst some sweeping synths and kicks. There is also more Unknown to the Unknown 2-step, House hybrid tuneage with Capracara‘s ‘Ronin’ and the hugely hyped Israeli duo Juju & Jordash’s release on Dekmantel is a master class of dubby tripped out Techno, with the track ‘Powwow’ making it on our list.

If that wasn’t enough, we see the launch of the mouthwatering Icee Hot label, with their debut coming from Ghosts on Tape! The label is exactly what it says on the tin and what else would you expect when the editor of xlr8r and Low Limit (one half of Lazer Sword) hook up to create a label! This along with some UK garage classics, Techno/House crossovers, Night Slugs, the unstoppable Global Goon, some Nu Disco and to keep it Worldly, a bit of Jimi Tenor Afrobeat, Jazz, Synth fusion with the Berlin based Kabu Kabu ensemble on the Dutch Kindred Spirits label. Oh and we even fitted in an Emufucka, now that is filth!!

So much more could be said, but this post would need to then become a novel and there is just not enough time in the day for that! We do have a party to attend after all! Enjoy!!

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