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Weekly Skrulection 4 posted by on August 29, 2012

In the words of Henry Kelly of Going for Gold fame ‘You’re playing catch up.’ Yes, we are indeed Henry, so here is the latest golden Skrulection for your listening pleasure!

We have a deep haunting selection for you this week, comprising of the recent releases that we dig and no better place to start than the perfectly titled Haunted Garage. Coming from fledgling artist Buzzin10, the track is a 2-step gem, with strings, bleeps and vocals that sound like they shouldn’t go together but do so well! Next up for something equally dark and somewhat off the hook, coming from the alias of the brilliant Caribou (Dan Snaith), as Daphni! First time to digital, his Ye Ye track builds and builds and breaks down and then pokes you with that grueling but beautiful bass! Oh ye!

Sticking with the deep low-end sounds and it is Bobby Champs delivering his track ‘Latte’. Certainly wouldn’t describe this as a milky coffee, more of a strong, minimal dark Columbian blend! The album is named Drag Queen and this release certainly has balls! With intricate stabs and bass that just can’t be ignored, this one will get you dancing and asking for more!

Chilling things out a bit next, with a release on the always special, Aus Music. This warm and fuzzy, but very danceable release from Bicep is a subtly rising beauty, perfect for breaking up a set as the sun is rising! Speaking of rising and it is the emerging talent of Bwana next, with his pleasing polyrhythms and signature future garage high-pitched vocal on the track ‘Baby Let Me Finish’. Definite tinges of Ollie Macfarlane or Joy Orbison type production here, with something a bit extra chucked in the mix, so one to watch out for indeed!

In the forever congested world of Electronic music, then unless you are muted by Deadmaus or tweeted by Richie, then it is very hard to get noticed amongst the beats hitting the fan week in week out. That means that some great labels are just not getting the attention they deserve and one of those is the great Barcelona based Tracy Recordings! Flying the flag for Bass Music and UK Funky styles down in Catalunya and doing it very well! They are not sticking to one style either, release by release or even in the releases themselves, which we like to see! Following the unbelievable Macaw EP from Headbirds earlier in the year (see a taster of this below), here is more 2-step stylee, broken house grooves, coming from We Like Turtles (great name!) and the track ‘We Believe in the Groove’. As do we and who doesn’t like Turtles!!

Another label we like to shout about is UTTU Recs, as they also deliver the goods time and time again and without having any predetermined style! Included on our list this week is one hell of a track, coming from label regular 5kinAndBone5, teaming up with none other than the masterful Sinden. The track marches along with simple punchy stabs and grimey rhythms and rattles, boxed in with playful 80s nintendo samples to contrast the haunting underlying darkness!

Next up in keeping with our worldly outlook and it is some African dancefloor flavours. Tinged with Afrobeat and UK Funky stylings, this release from Floor Excitement does exactly as their name suggests! In a similar way so does the track that follows. Gilles Peterson has been doing some sterling work in bringing to light some fine Cuban music of late and then following this up by combining it with the danceable beats we have over this side of the water. On his recent release he has got some of the beat masters to rework the Cuban tracks he has picked up and so we have picked out a favourite from the many, coming from the legendary MJ Cole! Nice!

Huge release next and one that we couldn’t miss out for a mention! Production wizard or should I say genius, Four Tet, finally brings all his sought after 12″ releases to the digital world on the album Pink! It sees a more dancier outlook to the tracks, but in keeping with his intricate electronica style. Hard to pick a favourite from the release but we have gone for the amalgamations of styles on the track Pyramid, fusing Techno, IDM, with cut up vocals more common to 2-step or House, all in all sublime work as always.

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